Prescott Escape Room

Escape Rooms are one of the hottest trends in entertainment today. Escape Rooms are an excellent method to have fun, meet new people, and are an excellent method to enhance corporate team building skills.


The Dracula Experience (Not Scary) – Difficulty Level 7.5/10 (Children, Families, & Adults of all ages) 

Dracula’s Castle is perched on a rock, high above a remote valley, dark forests, and deep gorges through which dangerous rivers flow. You are perilously trapped in a secretive room in Dracula’s Castle. You only have one hour before sunrise when the Count himself, Dracula, returns. Your group must decipher the clues and solve the puzzles in order to find the way out? Do you possess the skills to escape before Dracula possesses you? I’d wish you luck, but you’re going to need more than luck to escape Dracula’s Castle.

The Study – Difficulty Level 9.0/10 (Older Children & Adults of all ages) 

The professor has spent his life looking for a diamond so extraordinary, so stunningly beautiful that most Archaeologists believe it is merely legend and not real. You and your team on the other hand have spent ten minutes to get yourselves locked in his study. Now what took him years to find, you’re going to attempt to find in an hour! Your group must decipher the clues and solve the puzzles, grab the precious diamond, and get away before the Professor returns. Sounds easy, but the only tools you have to complete all the tasks are your teamwork, your ingenuity, and your imagination. Time is getting short. The clock is ticking. Precious moments can’t be wasted. Can you figure out the clues and find the diamond before he returns?

NEW ROOM – The Tomb is now open.  

The Tomb – Difficulty Level – Not yet rated (Children, Families, & Adults of all ages) 

Years of searching have finally led us here, to the final undiscovered tomb in Egypt. Hidden within this room is an ancient papyrus scroll from Library of Alexandria. Not much was saved from the final fiery destruction of the famous library in the 3rd century, but this scroll has survived the ages. Can you find this priceless scroll and escape the pyramid tomb before the locals realize that you’re taking one of their country’s most valuable treasures?

Be very careful in the tomb, the pharaohs did not suffer thieves gladly and hid their treasure well. Be prudent as you search this ancient mystic place. You do not want to awaken any irritable spirits that might be angry after such a prolonged slumber!

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled start time so we can go over the rules and game scenario.

We don’t have a restroom!!!